SAG Short Film - 30 Second Trailer

Here's the 30-Second Trailer for Better Dead Than Red, a short musical film noir for which I wrote the script, music, and lyrics.

SAG Short Film

A scene from the short film The Secret Song of Walter Bitty, for which I wrote the script, music, and lyrics, and which I also produced


Cabaret Performance

Larry sings the Georgia Stitt song "If I Could" at the Duplex Cabaret.


One Person Show

Scenes from the one man theatrical version of the film

It's a Wonderful Life at Cape May Stage

SAG Short Film

Here's the opening scene and song from the short musical film Better Dead Than Red, for which I wrote the script, music, and lyrics.


Cabaret Performance

Larry accompanies himself while singing "Crowd Control"


Class Video

An audition scene about fashion designer accused of witness tampering.



 "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha

Larry sings the signature song to Leah Monzillo as Aldonza

Class Video

A scene about a US Senator who disagrees with his colleagues.

 Independent Film

From the wacky wonderful indie The Waystation In the Stars. Hey, if you were stuck in limbo for all eternity you'd drink too.


Class Video

Larry performs a scene from the TV show "Royal Pains."


RINGER$, The Webseries

Larry plays Father John from the webseries RINGER$


Piano Performance

Larry accompanies himself while singing the George Gershwin song "Oh, Lady Be Good!" in under one minute



SAG Short Film

A clip from the SAG film First Impressions, with co-star Renee Stork.